Department of Physiotherapy

Empowering Movement and Restoring Well-being


    • Pain Care: The Department of Physiotherapy aims to alleviate pain and discomfort through evidence-based physiotherapeutic interventions, enhancing patients’ overall well-being.
    • Functional Improvement: We strive to improve patients’ functional abilities, enabling them to regain independence and participate actively in daily activities.
    • Rehabilitation and Recovery: Our primary objective is to provide expert rehabilitation services, helping patients recover from injuries, surgeries, and medical conditions that affect mobility and function.
    • Preventive Physiotherapy: We promote preventive physiotherapy measures to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and enhance overall physical health.


The Department of Physiotherapy is well equipped with modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment to provide comprehensive care. Our facilities include:

    1. Physiotherapy Treatment Rooms: Well-equipped rooms for conducting individualized treatment sessions.
    2. Therapeutic Exercise Area: A dedicated space for therapeutic exercises, strength training, and functional training.
    3. Pain Care: We offer specialized pain care services to help patients manage and alleviate pain effectively.
    4. Manual Therapy: Our trained physiotherapists use manual techniques to address musculoskeletal issues and promote mobility.
    5. Electrotherapy Unit: Advanced equipment for electrotherapy modalities, including TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), IFT (Interferential Therapy),US (Ultrasound), SWD (Shortwave Diathermy), Traction, UVR (Ultraviolet Radiation), IRR (Infrared Radiation), and Laser therapy.

    6. Ergonomics: We focus on ergonomics to help patients prevent and manage work- related musculoskeletal issues.
    7. Pre and Post-Operative Care: Our department offers specialized care to prepare patients for surgery and aid in their recovery post-surgery.
    8. Women’s Health Care: We provide services tailored to women’s health needs, addressing issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, and more.
    9. Gait Training Area: A specialized area for gait training to improve walking and movement patterns.
    10. Home Exercise Program: We design personalized home exercise programs to support patients’ rehabilitation outside the hospital setting.
    11. Geriatric Care: We offer specialized care for elderly patients, addressing age-related musculoskeletal issues and mobility challenges

Departmental Activities

  1. Patient Assessment: We conduct detailed assessments of patients to understand their specific needs and create personalized treatment plans.
  2. Therapeutic Interventions: Our physiotherapists employ a wide range of therapeutic techniques, including manual therapy, exercise therapy, and various electrotherapy modalities.
  3. Orthopedic Rehabilitation: We provide specialized care for patients recovering from orthopedic surgeries, fractures, and musculoskeletal conditions.
  4. Neurological Rehabilitation: Our department offers comprehensive rehabilitation programs for patients with neurological disorders, such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis.
  5. Pre and Post-operative Care: We support patients before and after surgical procedures to optimize recovery and functional outcomes.
  6. Women’s Health Care: We offer physiotherapy services for women’s health issues, including pelvic floor rehabilitation and prenatal/postnatal care.
  7. Geriatric Care: We cater to the unique needs of elderly patients, focusing on enhancing their mobility and functional independence.
  8. Ergonomics: We provide ergonomic assessments and recommendations to promote better posture and prevent work-related musculoskeletal issues.

We are dedicated to empowering movement, restoring well-being, and promoting physical health through expert physiotherapeutic care and research initiatives. Our department is dedicated to providing a holistic approach to physiotherapy care. We are equipped with the
latest technology and a skilled team of physiotherapists to help our patients on their journey to improved physical health and well-being.