Life in campus

Welcome to a campus where education is not a journey but a destination in itself!

Welcome to the heart of our medical college, where life in the campus is a tapestry of vibrant experiences, academic excellence, and a sense of community. Our sprawling eco-friendly campus, nestled over 32 acres, is not just a place of learning but a home where students embark on a transformative journey.

Cultural Event

Celebrating diversity through cultural events, our campus comes alive with music, dance, and art. These events provide a platform for students to showcase their talents.

Campus Facilities

Verdant Ambiance – Greenery Campus

Step into a haven of peacefulness. Our campus is a lush green expanse, providing a serene environment that fosters both relaxation and inspiration.

Spiritual Retreat – Ganapathi Temple

A place for reflection and spiritual solace, the Ganapathi Temple is a serene spot where students find moments of peace amidst their academic journey.

Intellect Repositories – Central Library and Computer Lab

The heart of academic resources, our central library and computer lab are equipped to facilitate research, study, and technological exploration.

Academic Sanctum – Auditorium and Lecture Halls

Our auditorium, with a seating capacity of 350, and lecture halls, each accommodating 180, are equipped for academic lectures, cultural performances, and conferences.

Dean’s Bungalow and Staff Quarters

Ensuring that our faculty and staff have comfortable living spaces, the Dean’s Bungalow and Staff Quarters contribute to a supportive academic environment.

Nexus of Governance – Council Hall

At the heart of student governance and discussions, the Council Hall is where ideas are exchanged, plans are made, and the student community comes together to shape campus life.

Skill Refinement Nexus – Skill Lab

Equipped with modern facilities, our Skill Lab serves as a crucible where theoretical knowledge crystallizes into practical proficiency under expert guidance.

Student Council – a bastion of student empowerment

Empowering student voices, the Student Council plays a pivotal role in organizing events, addressing concerns, and ensuring a vibrant campus life.

Relaxation Sanctums – Common Rooms

Spaces dedicated to relaxation and socializing, the boys and girls common rooms are where students unwind and build lasting connections.

Residential Havens – Hostels

Providing a safe and comfortable living space, our separate hostels for boys and girls create a conducive environment for focused study and community building.

Physical Nirvana – Playground and Gym

Balancing mental and physical well-being, our campus includes a spacious playground for sports enthusiasts and a well-equipped gym for fitness enthusiasts.

Technological Apotheosis – Lift Facility, Examination Hall, and Research Lab

Accessibility is key, and our campus is equipped with lift facilities, a dedicated examination hall, and a central research lab for advanced research studies.

Holistic Support Ecosystem

From a campus café for quick refreshments to 24/7 utilities, security, and laundry services, we ensure that the needs of our students are met around the clock.

Gastronomic Haven – Canteen

More than a dining space, our canteen is a social hub. It’s where students gather for conversations, laughter, and a diverse menu that caters to varied tastes. Life in our medical college campus is not just about education; it’s about creating an environment where students thrive, friendships flourish, and memories are made