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Skill Refinement Nexus– Skill Lab

Equipped with modern facilities, our Skill Lab serves as a crucible where theoretical knowledge crystallizes into practical proficiency under expert guidance.

Clinical Skill Laboratory

Skill lab plays a key role in medical training and quality assurance. Here, procedural skills are trained, repeatedly practiced, and evaluated until the required minimum standard for patient treatment is ensured.
Ashwini Rural Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre, Kumbhari, Solapur has a well-equipped clinical skill laboratory. It has briefing and debriefing rooms, demonstration rooms and examination rooms. It provides hands-on learning experiences to the medical fraternity for the practice of clinical skills which are utmost essential for the effective and safe management of patient prior to facing real patients. Various departments book the slots as required through skill lab incharge and utilise the laboratory.
The clinical skill laboratory sounds like a vital component of medical training and patient care. By offering a controlled environment for practicing and refining procedural skills, it ensures that medical professionals are proficient and confident in their abilities before they interact with real patients. The inclusion of briefing and debriefing rooms is particularly beneficial, as it allows for structured discussions before and after practice sessions, enhancing learning and promoting reflection on performance. Additionally, having demonstration rooms facilitates the observation of techniques by learners, which can further aid in skill acquisition.
By providing hands-on learning experiences, the skill lab contributes significantly to the development of competence and readiness among medical students and professionals. Moreover, the ability for various departments to book slots as needed ensures that the facility is utilized efficiently and effectively across different areas of medical practice. The presence of a well-equipped clinical skill laboratory demonstrates a commitment to ensuring high standards of patient care through continuous training and quality assurance.


The goal of the skills lab at Ashwini Rural Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre is to provide a safe and controlled environment for undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students, as well as paramedical and nursing students, to learn, practice, and be observed while performing essential clinical skills.
This environment helps mitigate the risks associated with direct patient exposure without adequate preparation and supervision. The skills lab aims to facilitate the attainment of comprehensive competency at an appropriate level, enabling students to deliver medical and healthcare services effectively and safely.



What To enable students across various courses to acquire essential clinical skills necessary for their respective levels of training, including medical undergraduate, postgraduate, paramedical, and nursing students. These skills are aligned with the competency requirements of the respective courses.


To develop resources, materials, and course curricula tailored to the specific needs of different courses, ensuring that students receive comprehensive training in relevant clinical skills.


To provide training and certification opportunities for both learners and faculty members involved in conducting skill courses. This includes ensuring that faculty members are equipped with the necessary expertise to effectively teach and assess clinical skills.


To enhance the clinical, motor, and communication skills of students, as well as promote teamwork and collaboration among healthcare professionals. Through structured practice and observation in the skills lab, students develop proficiency in these key areas, ultimately improving their ability to deliver high-quality healthcare services.

By fulfilling these objectives, the skills lab serves as a center for excellent learning in basic and advanced skills, contributing to the overall competence and preparedness of healthcare professionals trained at Ashwini Rural Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre.

Value Added Courses

  • Workshop on basic medical and surgical skill.
  • Basic life support training.
  • Early clinical exposure to skill lab.