Our Torchbearer

Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel

The Torchbearer

The distinguished Ashwini Rural Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre (ARMCH & RC) institution, supported by a M M Patel Charitable trust named after the Late Shri Mahijibhai Motibhai Patel, stands as a testament to socially responsive and dedicated leadership. Guided by the unwavering vision of their executive trustee, Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel, this college embodies the pursuit of excellence in every endeavour.

Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel, a name synonymous with vision, determination, and social impact, stands as Torchbearer of transformative change in the empire of education, healthcare and community service. Born in 1948 into a family rooted in culture and education, Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel’s journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep commitment to making a positive difference in society.

As the Managing partner of Satish Construction Co., Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel’s passion for exploration led him to unexpected avenues, resulting in the firm’s remarkable rise to the peak of the construction industry. His smart leadership and dedication enabled the establishment of Mehul Construction Co. Pvt. Ltd. in 1985, a witness to his innovative thinking and pioneering spirit.

Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel‘s impact reaches far beyond the confines of the corporate world. A true testament to his generosity and leadership qualities, he proudly chairs as Chairman of Ashwini Sahakari  Rugnalaya  & Research  Centre,  Solapur,  a Multi-State Co-operative   Society  Hospital  having a 300-beds hospital offering multi and super specialty services. His involvement in various social activities within Solapur Gujarati Mitra Mandal, Solapur, showcase his commitment to community welfare from Navratra Mahotsav to Blood Donation Camps, Eye Checking Camps, and Relief Camps. His contribution s extends to the construction of the Lord Dwarkadish Temple in Solapur, a symbol of his dedication to preserving culture heritage.

Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel’s journey has been one of unwavering determination, fuelled by the support of his three brothers, Late Kiritbhai M. Patel, Late Satishbhai M. Patel and Shri Hareshbhai M. Patel and their shared belief. Together, they have achieved remarkable milestones across various fields, underscoring the power of unity and determination. 

In loving memory of his late father Shri Mahijibhai Motibhai Patel, he registered a M M Patel Public Charitable Trust in Solapur, embodying his commitment to uplifting the underprivileged through education and medical assistance. Under his guidance, Ashwini Rural Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre (ARMCH & RC) was established in 2012, located in Kumbhari village, 7 km away from Solapur city, a testament to his foresight, uplifting society, providing quality education and healthcare for all.

Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel’s legacy is one of inspiration and impact, a testament to his commitment to creating a brighter future for generations to come. Through his leadership, ARMCH & RC continues to shire as beacon of education, compassion and community engagement, touching lives and shaping the medical professionals of tomorrow.

His strong spirit serves as ‘Guiding light for all of us, illuminating the path towards a better
and more compassionate world.’