M.M. Patel Public Charitable Trust


All the objectives are of academic, social, medical, help to weaker sections type nature.
M.M. Patel Public Charitable Trust is a Public Trust and it has been registered as P.T.R. no. E-702 Solapur. This trust has been established by the Patel family members by self earned income. The Government of Maharashtra has given approval in principle to the starting of a medical college by the Trust. The project of the Medical College and the Hospital being erected at and post Kumbhari, South Solapur.

Name: M.M. Patel Public Charitable Trust
Address: At Post. Kumbhari, Tal. South Solapur,
Dist. Solapur – 413006.
Trust Reg. No.:  E-702, Solapur

Sr. No. Name and Address Post
1 Shri Bipinbhai Mahijibhai Patel Executive Trustee
2 Shri Hareshbhai Mahijibhai Patel Trustee
3 Shrimati Bhartiben Bipinbhai Patel Trustee
4 Shrimati Shobhaben Kiritbhai Patel Trustee
5 Shrimati Hemaben Hareshbhai Patel Trustee
6 Shri Mehul Bipinbhai Patel Trustee
7 Shri Dhaval Kiritbhai Patel Trustee
8 Shri Amit Satishbhai Patel Trustee
9 Shri Mrugal Hareshbhai Patel Trustee
10 Shri Bajirao Shivram Nagaokar Trustee
11 Shri Girish Suresh Baldawa Trustee