Quality Cell

“ Driving Excellence In institutional performance and patient care.”


  •  NABH Accreditation:  Our primary objective is to achieve and  maintain NABH accreditation,  which serves as a testament to our commitment for providing quality healthcare services in adherence to rigorous national standards.
  • Ensuring Patient Centric Care:-  The primary objective of the Quality  Cell is to ensure that hospital delivers outstanding health care services that prioritize patient  well – being , safety, and satisfaction.
  • Enhancing Institutional Performance:-   We are committed to achieve operational excellence by implementing best practices, quality improvement initiatives and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Adhering  to Accreditation  Standards :–  We work diligently to maintain compliance with accreditation bodies,  standards reflecting our dedication  for  providing high – quality healthcare services.


  • The Quality Cell is equipped with state – of-the – art tools and resources to monitor, evaluate, and improve institutional performance. Our facilities include.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting systems for performance monitoring and data –driven decision making.
  • Quality Assurance Programs to ensure adherence to quality standards across all departments.
  • Feedback management systems to collect and analyze patient feedback for continues   improvement .
  • Training and development Facilities for staff education and training on quality improvement initiatives.

Departmental Activities

  • Quality Audits & Assessments: We conduct comprehensive internal audits to assess the compliance of various departments with NABH standards and identify areas for improvement.
  • Clinical Audits & Reviews: We conduct comprehensive clinical audits and reviews to assess. Institutional performance, identify opportunities for improvement and ensures compliance with best   practices.
  • Patient safety Initiatives: We implement patient safety protocols and conduct safety drills to minimize the risk of adverse events and create a safe environment  for patients and staff.
  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting: The Quality cell regularly tracks and analyzes key performance indicators, providing insights to leadership for informed decision making.
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives:  We lead and support institution – wide quality improvements, promoting best practices and enhancing patient care and safety.
  • Continuous Staff Training: Our department organizes regular training sessions for healthcare professionals to enhance their skills & knowledge in quality management & patient safety.    
  • Accreditation preparation: We work closely with all departments to prepare for NABH accreditation, ensuring compliance with all standards and requirements.

NABH accreditation

The Intuition has achieved NABH accreditation, a prestigious recognition that signifies our commitment for delivering high – quality health care services. Our Institution has been accredited with NABH entry level since 2016 till date.

Research Activities

The Quality Cell actively contributes for research in quality improvement and patient safety. Our research activities include:

  • Studies on the impact of quality improvement initiatives on patient outcomes and experiences.
  • Research on best practices in patient safety and their implementation in healthcare settings.
  • Collaborative research projects with other departments or institutions to advance healthcare quality.

Any Other

The Quality Cell collaborates with all departments and stakeholders to create a culture of continuous improvement and patient – centric care. Our team actively engages with the community to promote health awareness, preventive measures and patient education

Value Added Courses

  • Firesafety and management.
  • Basic life support.
  • Advance cardiac support.
  • Code blue.
  • CPR.
  • Antibiotic Prescription audit.
  • Case paper audit.
  • high risk medication