The name of the Association shall be
“Ashwini Rural Medical College Alumni Association (ARMCH AA)”

The objectives of the ARMCH Alumni Association:
  1. To conduct seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings of medical professionals and faculties for the purpose of promotion of medical knowledge and skill.
  2. To conduct academic/ sports/ cultural activities and to award prizes for excellent work done in the medical field and/or social sphere.
  3. To organize Welfare Services for its members, ARMCH students and humanity at large.
  4. To raise or collect funds by subscriptions, contributions, donations, loans or by any other legal means for furtherance of the above objectives of the Association.
  5. To work towards improvement of medical education and health care services.
  6. To do all such acts, deeds and things as may be incidental, conductive to or necessary for the furtherance of the above objectives.
  7. Any other objectives that the Executive Committee and General Body may deem fit in the interest of The ARMCH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.
Category of Membership:

01. Life Member

  • Must be a ARMCH Graduate / Post graduate.
  • Past and present faculty members of ARMCH & Rc

Life membership fee will be Rs. 1000/-. It will be fixed by the Executive Committee periodically.

02. Finances and Assets

The following are the financial sources of the Association:

  • Membership fees.
  • Donations by individual etc.
  • Contributions.
  • Interest earned from invested money.
  • Endowments
  • Delegate’s fees or contributions collected from conferences etc

03. Bye-Laws

Membership entry: All old students of ARMCH with MBBS or Post Graduate Degree (MD or MS) are eligible to apply for membership on a prescribed form. After scrutiny by the Executive committee they shall be considered for membership.


  • All members have privileges to attend and participate in all general meetings, lectures, conferences and social gatherings.
  • Life Members, Associate Members are eligible to vote and contest for elections held by the Association.


The general body of the “ARMCH Alumni Association” shall exercise the following powers:

  1. The general body shall have the supreme powers in all matters.
  2. It shall meet at least once a year.
  3. It shall elect office bearers, henceforth called the executive committee viz. President (1), Vice President (1), Member Secretary-(1), Secretary (2), Joint Secretary (2), Treasurer (1), and the Executive Members (4), to implement the decisions of the general body and to achieve the aims and objectives enshrined in the constitution of the society.
  4. To consider the annual report and the annual audited statement of accounts of association and to pass it.
  5. To amend the constitution by 3/4th majority of general house.
  6. To impeach the executive committee or its office bearers by 3/4th majority of general house.
  7. Past and present faculty members of ARMCH & RC


  • The annual meeting of the General body of ARMCH Alumni Association shall be held at least once in the year at a time and place to be notified by email/post, by the Member Secretary for the conduct of its business.
  • The quorum for the business meeting of the general body of ARMCH Alumni Association will be of 25 of the eligible members on the rolls of the ARMCH Alumni Association. The meeting will be presided over by the President or Vice president (in the absence of the President). Listed agenda circulated by the Member Secretary will be discussed first. Any new agenda may be taken up with the permission of the chair.
  • If the number of members attending the meeting falls short of the quorum, the meeting will be adjourned for 15 minutes. Thereafter the reassembled members will constitute the quorum. They can take up the already circulated agenda and take the decisions there upon.
  • Executive Committee Meeting. Five members will make the quorum


  • Members may resign at any time by writing to the Secretary. If a member ceases to be a member on account of resignation then he/she will not be refunded the membership fee.
  • The executive committee of ARMCH Alumni association will have the power to debar/expel any member from the rights of membership when they are satisfied that any member is doing something unethical or other activities against the interest or the prestige of ARMCH Alumni Association. However, before doing so the executive committee must serve the member with a written notice mentioning his/her undesirable activities and ask him/her to explain his/her conduct within reasonable time to the President or the Secretary of ARMCH Alumni Association in writing. The cessation of the membership of any member must be confirmed by a 3/4th majority of the members present in the next general body meeting of ARMCH Alumni Association otherwise it (cessation of membership) will not be tenable. On cessation of membership by the executive and general body or on impeachment, his/her membership fee shall forfeited.


There shall be an executive committee of the association to assure and fulfil the aims and objectives as well as the business and other affairs of the ARMCH Alumni Association. The executive committee would be elected from amongst the members of the general body. The Tenure of the executive committee will be 2 years.
The management of ARMCH Alumni Association shall be vested in a Executive committee consisting of the following:

  1. President – One
  2. Vice-President – One
  3. Member Secretary- One
  4. Secretary – Two
  5. Joint Secretary – Two
  6. Treasurer – One
  7. Executive committee members – Four

A minimum of 5 office bearers must be present to constitute a quorum for any meeting of the executive committee. These must include President or Vice President (in the absence of President), Member Secretary or Secretary or Joint Secretary or executive members (in the absence of the Secretary)


  • Entire proceeding of the election to the Executive Committee except president ( By default Dean will be the President) will be conducted by an Election Committee of 3 persons nominated by the Executive Committee. Out of these, one shall be the Chief election officer and 2 election officers.
  • Election dates will be determined by the Executive Committee along with the members of Election Committee.
  • Election will be held in a General Body meeting called for this purpose by the members present.
  • Chief election officer the Election Committee will notify elections to various posts by giving at least 4 weeks prior notice. Election Committee will receive the names of the desirous candidates from amongst the full members of the General Body.
  • Each application should be seconded by a bonafide life member of the ARMCH Alumni Association
  • Date for receiving and withdrawal of the nominations will be announced by the election committee
  • Nominations thus received will be scrutinized by the Election Committee.
  • If there are more than one candidate for a particular post, election will take place by a secret ballot in the General Body Meeting called for this purpose.
  • After counting of the votes, the result will be declared in the same meeting.


The functions of the Executive committee shall be as under

  • The executive committee shall be responsible for the management and administration of all the affairs of the ARMCH alumni association.
  • The executive committee shall work for the achievement of the aims and objectives of the society as stated in the memorandum of the society.
  • The executive committee shall take all decisions by majority votes.
  • The executive committee shall prepare plans/projects and programs for the society.
  • The executive committee will appoint election officers mentioning his/her powers.
  • The executive committee shall maintain and file annual lists, balance sheet and submit audited accounts
  • executive committee shall maintain all the records including the quorum in its meetings.
  • The executive committee shall issue relevant notices including elections and dissolutions and pass any resolutions.
  • The executive committee shall collect admission/subscription and other fees as well as donations and special contributions and issue receipts.
  • The executive committee shall hold regular meetings and urgent emergency meetings if required.
  • The executive committee shall pursue legal proceedings, engage lawyers, for the ARMCH Alumni association. The pleadings, papers etc may be signed by the President/ Secretary.
  • The executive committee shall do all other jobs as are incidental to and in the interest of the society.
  • To frame by laws for the conduct of business, i.e. to prepare plans and policies for the smooth management of the society, to arrange funds from the members/organizations not inconsistent with the memorandum of Association/ ARMCH Alumni association and to work for promoting its aims and objectives.
  • The Executive committee shall be competent to delegate any of its powers to its President, Vice President and Member Secretary.
  • The Executive committee shall be competent to co-opt up to 10 members for conduct of any event/function being organized by ARMCH Alumni Association.