Department of BIOCHEMISTRY

Exploring the Molecular Foundations of Health and Disease


The Department of Biochemistry is driven by a profound objective to decode the complicated molecular foundations of health and disease. Biochemistry is not merely a standalone subject; it seamlessly integrates principles from pharmacology, pathology, cell biology, and physiology to clarify both the foundations and potential therapeutic avenues for treating diseases. Our overarching goal is to comprehend the structure, behaviour, and molecular processes of biomolecules that drive health and pathology.

  • Enable students to comprehend the biochemical basis and rationale of clinical laboratory tests.
  • Foster the ability to interpret these tests within the clinical context.
  • Utilize integrated teaching to provide an innovative and comprehensive learning experience.

To fulfill the above objective a teaching programme has been tailored to suit the undergraduate student’s needs involving Integrated teaching that provides an innovative approach.


The Department of Biochemistry boasts state-of-the-art facilities that facilitate holistic learning:

  • Practical Hall: Accommodating up to 60 students at once for hands-on learning.
  • Modern Laboratories: Equipped with advanced equipment including fully automated chemistry analyzers, blood gas analyzers, UV spectrophotometers, chromatography apparatus, and Electrophoresis setups etc.
  • Demonstration Room: Enhanced with modern audio-visual aids for effective topic understanding.
  • Library cum Seminar Room: Stocked with essential reference books and periodicals.
  • Faculty Rooms: Well-furnished spaces for faculty members to engage in productive teaching and research.

Departmental Activities

  • Competency-Based Education: Aligned with NMC guidelines, our teaching revolves around Competency-Based Medical Education (CBME).
  • Assessment Framework: Weekly tests, periodical formative and summative exams are conducted to ensure comprehensive evaluation.
  • Student-Centric Learning: Our teaching methodologies are designed to nurture student-centric learning, including problem-based learning, integrated teaching, practical sessions, seminars, tutorials, computer-assisted learning, simulated learning, quiz competitions, skill labs, and early clinical exposure.

Awards & Achievements

Name Dr. Neelanjana Ghosh Dr. Padmini Lambture (Assistant Professor)
Award Name Awarded Gold Medal Awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree, under the co-guidance of Dr. Abdul Kayyum Shaikh, Professor of Biochemistry at ARMCH
Rank First
Subject Biochemistry Medical Biochemistry
Location MUHS Nashik Saveetha University, Chennai

Research Activities

Our department is actively engaged in research endeavours, striving to advance the frontiers of biochemical knowledge and contribute to the scientific community.

Other Initiatives

Our department places a significant emphasis on early clinical exposure involving patients admitted to the hospital.
We promote a culture of learning and curiosity, encouraging students to make full use of our library resources and facilities.
We are dedicated to unravelling the particulars of biochemistry to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary for exceptional clinical practice and scientific.

Value Added courses

  • Standardization and quality control