Department of ANAESTHESIA



Our dedicated team of skilled and experienced anaesthetists is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of patients undergoing a wide range of medical procedures. Here, we provide an overview of our department’s objectives, facilities, departmental activities, awardsand achievements, research activities, and more.

  • Patient-Centric Care: Our foremost objective is to provide patient-centric care. We prioritize the safety, comfort, and well-being of patients undergoing surgical, diagnostic, interventional, and endoscopic procedures.
  •  Medical Education: We are dedicated to imparting high-quality education and training to medical students of undergraduate and post-graduate. We aim to nurture the next generation of medical professionals with a strong foundation in anesthesiology.
  • High-Quality Patient Care: We are committed to developing and implementing evidence-based protocols and guidelines for patient care. By staying at the forefront of medical knowledge, we ensure that our patients receive the most advanced and effective anesthesia services.


Our department is equipped with cutting-edge facilities, including:

  •  Operating Theatre Complex: We have ten fully equipped operating suites, each featuring anesthesia workstations with vaporizers, monitors, video laryngoscopes, pulse oximeters, Capnography equipment, defibrillators, syringe pumps, ABG analyzers, C-ARM, laparoscopic setups, and a well-equipped post-operative ICU.
  • Surgical Coverage: We provide anesthesia services for a diverse range of surgeries, including obstetrics (including high-risk pregnancies), gynaecology, paediatrics, new-born cases with congenital anomalies, orthopaedics, general surgery, urology, ENT, ophthalmology, Cath lab procedures, cardiac surgeries, renal transplants, medical procedures (such as endoscopies), neurosurgeries, geriatric surgeries, spinal procedures, day-care surgeries, and acute and chronic pain management services. We also offer ultrasound-guided interventional procedures like central line insertion and perform procedures outside the operating theatre, such as MRI under sedation.

Departmental Activities

Our department is actively engaged in several key activities, including:

  • Pre-Anesthesia Evaluation: Thorough assessments of patients before anesthesia administration to ensure their safety during procedures.
  • Specialty Clinics:: Our pain clinic provides specialized services for the management of acute and chronic pain conditions.
  • Emergency Services: We are prepared to respond to emergencies with rapid code blue attendance.
  • ICU Visits: Our team regularly conducts visits to the ICU, where we perform bedside procedures such as central line insertions, emergency intubations, and lumbar punctures.
  • Outside OT Procedures:We extend our expertise to perform procedures in locations outside the standard operating theatre, including MRI, CT, and Cath lab procedures.

Our Anaesthesia Department is dedicated to providing the highest standards of anesthesia care, education, and research. We are committed to ensuring patient safety and comfort while contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge in the field of anesthesiology.