Publications / awards
Sr. No. Name of Author Title of Research paper Name of Journal Year of Publication /Issue /Vol /Page No. National/ Inter-national ISSN No.
1 Zeenath B., Abdul Gafoor Kharche, Mandakini T. Schwannoma of breast; a rare case report and review of literature International research journal of biochemistry and bioinformatics 2012,2(11) International 2250-9941
2 Sagar C. Mhetre,Chandrakanth V. Rathod, Trupti V. Katti, Y. Chennappa, Anand S. Ananthrao Tuberculous mastitis: Not an infrequent malady Annals of Nigerian Medicine 2011/5,1:20-23 International
3 Katti Trupti, V. Punyashetty Kajal B., Mhetre Sagar C. Subconjunctival Cysticercosis-A Case Resort National journal of Medical Sciences 2012,1,2:62-64 National
4 Chandrakanth V. Rathod, Sagar C Mhetre, Basavaraj P. Bommanahalli, Kodandaswamy CR, Anand A.S. Neoplastic breast lesion-A histopathological study with special emphasis on histological grading Indian Journal of Public Health Research And Development Accepted National
5 A Manjiri P. Dhamangaonkar, Bharat Mulay Guidelines on the Clinical Use of Whole Blood and Components of Blood Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal Mar 2015, Volume-V, No-85-93 International 2249-9598
6 Dipti Basavraj Sanakal, Sagar Chandrakant Mhetre, Ramesh S Patil, Abdul Kayyum Shaikh Reliability of blood gas analyzer for the measurement of electrolytes- A comparative study International Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Research 2016;3(4):376-379 International 2394-6369