Publications / awards
Sr. No. Name of Author Title of Research paper Name of Journal Year of Publication /Issue /Vol /Page No. National/ Inter-national ISSN No.
1 A Dr. Anitha M.S., Dr. Bandichhode S.T. Simultaneous Bilateral spontaneous Pneumothorax International Journal of Biological & Medical Research 2013,4(4),3716-3718 International 0976-6685
2 Bandichhode S.T., Anitha M.S., Anand Pandav Joubert Syndrome- A Case Report Journal of Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences University July-Dec 2013,2,2,138-140 National 2231-4261
3 A Manjiri P. Dhamangaonkar, Bharat Mulay Guidelines on the Clinical Use of Whole Blood and Components of Blood Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal Mar 2015, Volume-V, No-85-93 International 2249-9598