Publications / awards
Sr. No. Name of Author Title of Research paper Name of Journal Year of Publication /Issue /Vol /Page No. National/ Inter-national ISSN No.
1 DS Howale, A Mishra, A.K Asthana, D. Sharma, P.G. Gaikwad Evaluation of race by cranial index of adult human skull in Maharashtra population J. Anat. Soc. India 2012; 61(2) 258-261 National 0974-1143.
2 S. R. Londhe, A. S.Jadhav and A.G. Gosavi Study of supraorbital notch and foramen in adult and foetal human skulls Al Ameen Journal of medical sciences 2011 National 0974-1143
3 Anjali Gosavi, Ashwini Jadhav Estimation of Foetal age from diaphyseal length of humerus and femur National Journal of Medical Sciences 2013 National 2250-1525
4 Sarita R Margam, Megha A Doshi, Surekha D Jadhav, Raosaheb J Patil, Manoj P Ambali Sex and side determination of the human hip bones by using different parameters National journal of clinical Anatomy 2013, 2(1),16-21 National -
5 Anjali G. Gosavi, Sarita R. Margam Analysis of growth of prenatal mandible by different parameters Journal of the scientific society May-August 2013;2,40,76-79 National 0974-5009
6 Prafull Kamble, Vandana Kamble, Anjali Gosavi An appraisal of topic based integrated learning program in Ist MBBS students of Ashwini Rural Medical College. International journal of scientific research September 2014, vol-3,Issue-9, 262-264 international 2277-8179
7 Pathan Ferozkhan J, & Gosavi Anjali G. Dermatoglyphics in type II diabetes mellitus Journal of Medical education and research 2011, Vol-1, (1),6-8 National 2249-9660
8 Sarita R Margam, Prajakta S Kishve, Anjali G Gosavi Persistence of Thymus Gland in Old Age International Journal of Health Sciences & Research September 2014, Issue-9,Vol-4,282-284 National 2249-9571
9 Sanjay P Kishve, Prajakta S Kishve, Aniket Lathi, Anand Kumar Chavva, Amit Kumar singh Stylalgia bilateral: a case report Otolaryngology online journal Feb-2014, Vol 4, Issue 2 National 2250-0359
10A Anjali Gosavi, Rekha Hiremath Study of development of bony labyrinth in dry fetal temporal bones International Journal of Anatomy and Research 30th Jun 2017,5(2.3),3896-99 International 2321-4287