Publications / awards
Sr. No. Name of Author Title of Research paper Name of Journal Year of Publication /Issue /Vol /Page No. National/ Inter-national ISSN No.
1 Baji Harsha Shanthanna, Vidya Jeurkar Use of hypnosis as a substitute premedication and adjunct to anesthesia Journal of Anesthesiology & Clinical Science 2013,2-25,2-5 International 2049-9752
2 Dedhiya Kalyanji Sundarji A comparative study between ultrasound guided and peripheral nerve stimulator guided brachial plexus block by supraclavicular approach MedPulse-International Medical Journal Vol-2, Issue-8, August 2015, pp 452-455 International 2348-2516
3 Dedhiya Kalyanji Sundarji Comparison of efficacy of single dose of ondansetron Vs palanosetron or preventing post-operative nausea and vomiting International Journal of Recent Trends in Science And Technology Vol-16, Issue-2,September 2015, pp 395-397 International 2277-2812